I Thought He Was A Girl


The day before we found out we were having another boy, I told my wife, “I hope it’s a girl. I would feel bad having to split my guy time with John Michael.” I’ve come to know this child. We’ve become best friends. I honestly don’t know another friend, or even my wife, well enough to instinctually know that he needs to poop. I just know. It’s time. Read More

Lead by failure…


Lead by example. As leaders, as parents, as all-around good citizens, we’re always told to set the example. As an older brother growing up, the idea was drilled into me. Sometimes even spanked into me. Like somehow, if I messed up, my brother was sure to make the same mistake and we would both end up selling drugs on the corner and entering rehab way earlier than anyone in our small town expected. But that got me thinking. Read More