It takes a lot of guts to take on a new venture. Whether it be a new blog, career change or trying something new for dinner, any adventure comes with a little bit of anxiety. My wife and I have experienced a lot of these anxieties in the short time we’ve been married and during the first year of being parents to my twin human son. So, I decided to start a blog in order to follow our trials and tribulations as a father, as a mother and as new parents. I’m trying to take a few steps back and really look at the decisions we make and the events that happen in our lives so that we can get a better grasp on our not so unusual story. And hopefully it comes out in some sort of entertaining chain of events that someone would like to read.

My name is John… or L.J. You’ll hear that in some of the stories I’ll be posting. I’ll be dedicating one post to that name situation, so hang tight. My wife’s name is Melissa. We both grew up in West Texas, in far different ways. Her, with a loving stay-at-home mother and me with a loving, working mother, trying to make ends meet.  Somehow, this world brought us together and we compliment each other by bringing the best parts of our past into our marriage and working through the not so best parts. We have a two little boys named John Michael and Maverick. Together, we take it one day at a time.

It’s not that our life is so great that one day I thought, “Oh, yea! Let’s start a blog! Our lives are THAT interesting!” I just thought, sure, let’s see what happens… and here we are. Let’s see what happens.

So sit back and keep up.

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