Day 11: I’m basically just Soy now

Day 11 was met with heartburn from last night’s dinner. The morning Soylent didn’t help anything. My body was not used to real food like we had last night, so it really yelled at me this morning. All day really. I never really felt quite right unit a little after lunch. I got a few calories in me and then cruised to success after my dinner soylent. 

My wife cooked the boys some broccoli with cheese and stir-fried vegetables. They looked damn good! So good that I had to occupy myself with a task so I wouldn’t succumb to the temptation. This weekend is John Michael’s 3rd birthday. We’re taking the RV camping, so I decided to get it dewinterized and ready to go. Then John Michael comes strolling in with homemade chocolate chip cookies his grandmother made him. I swear, this kid tests me when I don’t know I’m being tested.

Sorry this is so short, but the Olympics are on. And I’m American.

Tomorrow is the last day! THE LAST DAY OF SOYLENT! I can’t wait for the final video/blog post to com out. I’m finalizing my thoughts and words, and it should make for a very entertaining conclusion to this stupid quest.

Yea, I said stupid. Because I want BBQ. Juicy meat with sweet sweet BBQ sauce. Pulled port on a bun. Chopped brisket on nachos, smothered in melted cheese.

I love you and and thank you all so much for following along! As always,

see you all tomorrow!



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