Day 10: Another Day. Another Soylent

Well, yesterday was Valentimes Valentine’s day. One of the days of the year you can dedicate a small something or action to the one you love. Flowers, chocolate, a love letter or even a night out on the town. My mother agreed to watch our two heathens while I took my wife out to our favorite place, Abi-Haus. This is where we were engaged and where we spend every Valentine’s day. The best food in Abilene, TX, and an atmosphere unlike any other in West Texas. Obviously, we love it.

This morning, I opened up the day with my coffee flavored Soylent. Lunch was a little different today. I didn’t have any time-sensitive projects to complete today, so I decided to have my Soylent lunch in my truck, driving around listening to my favorite podcasts for an hour. It was fantastic. Eating lunch. Driving. Not worrying about spilling my soda in the truck or dripping ketchup on my new, white pressed shirt.

So, I was all ready for dinner tonight! Until I remembered…. I’m in the middle of this F#$%!ing Soylent diet.  I wasn’t about to roll up in there, to my favorite restaurant, and turn down the prosciutto asparagus toast or the walnut salmon and blue cheese potatoes. NU. UH.

TODAY, I made the sacrifice for not only my favorite restaurant, but for my lovely bride. She deserved a night out with her loving husband. Who would be in a delightful mood because he was able to eat really, good food.

There it is people. Two days before the end, I balked. I took one for the team to enjoy a Valentine’s day dinner. I don’t think anyone is going to fault me for that. And because of our night out, there won’t be a vlog. It will post tomorrow. And then one final blog on YouTube next week. You’re not going to want to miss this one. I’ll publish my final thoughts and some highlights I experienced along the way. Along with what you can expect moving forward on my channel and blog.

So, I have two more days. Two more days to get this right and really report on an experience I didn’t know I was going to have.

Also, I’m skinnier than I was yesterday. My longest Valentine (my mom) told me so.

See you all tomorrow!

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