Day 9: Is This Really It?

I’ve had several people, well more than the normal amount of people, today ask me how my Soylent trip is coming along. I have no new information. And I’m actually pretty proud of that. I think I did it, guys. I think I’ve done it. Three days away and I have no doubt I’ll make it. Of course, I’m looking forward to a good, hearty meal on Saturday. Good, real, juicy protein.

So, as I sit her and blog this out, I asked myself, is this really it? I’ve lost a few pounds. I’ve kicked my caffeine addiction and got through the withdrawals associated with that. I’ve gone without fast food for a lot longer than I thought I was going to. But is this really it?!

To be honest with you, I don’t know what I was expecting in the first place. And to be even more honest with you, I apologize for being such a downer. I’ve had some really great things happen because of this quest. I mean, I didn’t expect to turn into some sort of robot. But I also kind of expected to struggle a bit more than I did. Maybe I’ll go back and read/watch my first posts when I first started this journey, and really compare my feelings then and now. Maybe it’s a side effect from all the soy.

You know how women can completely black out the memory and pain from childbirth? Maybe I blacked out my soy birth? … I won’t go there.

Anyway, I need some more computer processing power! I really planned on getting a new vlog out today, but I’m currently on hour 3 of optimizing video for editing. All I can say now is that I’ll post to YouTube soon! You know what that means? You have to like, share and comment on this blog, on all platforms. You know why? So I can afford to buy a new computer eventually and really ramp this gig up!

And I apologize to my wife for comparing this journey to childbirth. I saw what those boys did to her in the hospital. I’m good with my Soylent.

See you all tomorrow!


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