Day 8: Sickly Soylent

What. The. Heck. Is. Happening??

If you’re just now tuning into my blog: is my place to talk about anything and everything i’m passionate about in the moment. And in this moment, i’m currently in the heart of a 12 day, Soylent-only diet. Click the link below to explore my YouTube channel and catch up through watching my vlogs, and/or click the home button above to read how it’s been going through my daily blogs. Blogs/vlogs… we’re all living in a millennial world,

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This sickness is not going away. Our oldest was sent home from school today, and I left a couple of hours early from work. I made it as long as I could and I couldn’t take it anymore. My entire upper respiratory situation IS a situation right now. And John Michael’s fever is off and on.

This cannot be the flu. I just refuse to succumb to this crappy virus. WE WILL FIGHT YOU!

Even with the stuffy nose and sexy low voice, I was able to successfully navigate today’s Soylent diet. It wasn’t near as bad as Day 5 and I’m super pumped about it. Good news is, I was able to avoid any other food and stick to the diet. I even had my Soylent drink for dinner and I feel fine. I might have some fruit or a small back of something for a snack, but all-in-all, it feels good.

It mostly feels good to not feel like I’ve gorged myself for dinner on Chinese food and Pizza. Especially when I used to turn around a couple of hours later and eat again. Usually left overs or some other snack, like Ramen Noodles right before bed.

I have a confession to make though… I can’t give up my “before bed ginger ale.” I just can’t do it. I love it. It calms my stomach. It puts me to sleep. It does everything in between. Ginger Ale will get me through stressful plane flights and tummy gurgles. My body has really trained itself to calm down with Ginger Ale. So… blah. I said it.

Tomorrow is Day 9. I SHOULD have an updated vlog to post, as long as this sickness subsides enough to get with the program.

Again, love you guys for sticking around and keeping up with this journey. I hope you stick around after.

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See you all tomorrow!

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