Day 5: This Was A Down Day

This was a down day today. I tried my best to stay upbeat, but I was dragging my knuckles all damn day. Thank God I work with some awesome people, or today would have been extra rough.

I grew up with a single mother raising me and my brother (I know. It’s deep). But I say that so that I can say this: I don’t know how she did it. I couldn’t have done it. I’m one day in this week while my wife is out of town and these two little boys had me throwing in the towel before I even put pants on.

Exhibit A: Look Closely at the photo below… 7:40 am…


Do you see him? That’s Maverick. Hiding in the garage. This was taken after exactly 4 minutes of searching. I don’t know if you know what 4 minutes feels like, but there’s a difference between 4 minutes laying on the beach sipping margaritas and 4 minutes searching for a child, during which you contemplate calling your wife to let her know you lost the youngest on DAY ONE.

Oh, and he was hiding because he was pooping. Just so you know.

Anyway, needless to say, I was tired from the get go. I don’t think any amount of RedBull or coffee could have saved me today. But I made it. It wasn’t the most pleasant of days, but I made it. My employees were delightfully “prankish” today, which kept things interesting and NOT boring.

The fact that it’s Friday also got me through.

I had breakfast Soylent on the drive to work. Didn’t help. I had my lunch Soylent around 2:00. Didn’t help. Got home. Ate a carefully made sandwich. I guess it’ll do.

I’m now sitting on my couch, wondering if I’m ready to spill the beans about this next step…

Ok ok, I’ll tell you…

I ordered another case of Soylent! That’s right. I’m about to do this right. Tomorrow is Day 6. I’m going to have the usual. Soylent in the morning. Soylent for lunch. Genuine carbs for dinner. But starting on Day 7 through Day 12, I’m going full Soylent! That’s right..

Breakfast: Soylent

Lunch: Soylent


I’ve been in contact with the Soylent company this week as a consult on whether or not this is safe. The answer is that it is, as long as I have a couple small snacks and eat when I feel hungry hungry. Which I will certainly do. But the majority of my calorie intake for 6 days will be Soylent. Gotta keep it interesting!

So stick with me, people. Our life is about to get nuts! Love you all. Thanks for keeping up. See you soon.

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