Day 4: I forgot to eat…

You read that right. This morning started normal. I drank the morning Soylent drink. I felt great. No sluggishness. Nothing. Just straight productivity. Today was one of those days at work when you feel like a slinky tumbling down a long flight of stairs. You just keep tumbling. One stair after another. Until someone kicks you over or the stairs end.

I had so much to do today, I completely forgot to have my lunch drink until one of my employees reminded me. I was in complete shock. And honestly, I could have gone without it. But get this, I went to the fridge, brought the drink back to my desk, and ate/drank it while I continued to work. I got back a whole hour of productivity today simply by drinking my Soylent lunch instead of the normal lunch routine.

I guess that’s the point, right?

Well it worked out for me today. And after my lunch, my batteries certainly felt recharged. Which was an absolute blessing! I definitely needed it, as my wife has left for Nashville for three days on a girls trip. So there won’t be any videos to post until my teammate in life returns and brings some editing time back into my life.

So I’m home. Alone. With these two toddlers. They couldn’t give two S*&$#!  poopies that I’m in the middle of a life-changing experiment. As soon as we got in the car at daycare pickup, our oldest screams, “I WANT CHIC-FIL-A!” So, we have to get it, right? Of course we do. Or he’ll tell his Mom I was mean to him. Can’t have that.

Fear not, my friends. Fear not. The boys got their prized chicken nuggets. But I… oh, but I got GRILLED chicken nuggets! And they weren’t half bad, I must say.

Morale of the story: I forgot to eat lunch. But no big deal. I really didn’t feel the pain from it. Still had a late Soylent lunch and proved that there’s enough bulsh in this stuff to hold me over for longer than I expected.

Kids and I made it home. No one yelled at each other. No one is bleeding.

There’s always tomorrow…

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