Day 3: Positively Soylent

The mission today, if I chose to accept it, was to think positive. After the roller coaster ride of a day I had yesterday, I realized it was too early in this experience to start losing control. So today I made an all out effort to be more positive. I don’t know if it worked or not. But I don’t feel like I’m laying on a water bed during an earthquake anymore. So that’s good.

This morning was relatively better than the first two mornings. The coffee flavored Soylent is starting to grow on me. STARTING to grow on me. It isn’t quite their yet, but I’m not grossed out by it anymore. Hopefully by day 8 I’m not dreading it anymore. But, there’s a difference between drinking this stuff because you “want” it and because you “need” it. I want to want it. That’s the ultimate goal.

Day 3 and I’m still proud of my ability to keep my attitude under control. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that I’m not starving myself of caffeine. The morning meal, even if disgusting, is in fact helping me more than I thought it was. The caffeine content in the morning Soylent has been an unexpected joy.

Speaking of joy. Dinner was taco salad. I’ve never been so excited to have a taco salad in my life. I may have put more cheese on my plate than recommended, but it’s my life and melted cheese is real joy.

Listen, I’m slowing down. My body is slowing down. My mind is slowing down. The world is spinning a bit slower. And boy does it feel good. Like a big exhale. If this is the trend for the next 9 days, bring it on!

Check in with you all tomorrow!

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