Day 2: Soylent Rollercoaster

As the title says, today was an emotional freaking roller coaster. I’m up. I’m down. I’m hungry. I’m not hungry. I honestly don’t know how to feel right now. It’s day 2. That’s all I know for sure. oh! and that dinner saved my life. I promised myself I would use this as an opportunity to eat healthier, but I just couldn’t take it. With a sick toddler and long day at work, a cheeseburger really hit the spot! hmmmm…. it ended too fast. I mean, between the two drinks, I had had 800 calories today. A cheeseburger was a welcomed delight and OKAY in my book.

This morning started off well. I still can’t get a taste for the coffee flavored Soylent. I’m hoping that comes by day 5 or 6, or else I’m going to really be hurting. I lasted a few hours before I really started feeling it. But today, I put my head down and worked like a champ. Productivity was the name of the game today and I feel like I got it done. The vitamins I wasn’t receiving before Soylent are really helping me in that regard. Just not in the carbohydrate arena. I made it to 2:30 before I had my lunch drink.

Again, the Soylent Cacao flavor is the I could honestly have that for three meals and not be completely disappointed. If I choose to reorder, I may just stick to this one. But I haven’t made that a concrete decision yet.In the coming videos and blog posts, I plan on answering some of the many questions I’ve been receiving and get into the details of what Soylent is. I’m also starting to change my mind on why I’m doing this experiment. It started out just being something to help me lose a little weight and take my mind off of figuring out what to eat. But as I journey through this Soylent process, it’s becoming more apparent that this is much more than that. Even after only two days, I can feel my personality changing. My patience growing. Honestly. I know it sounds ridiculous. But eating so unhealthy for so long has really change my physiology.

So, Day 2 is in the books now. If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way. On to Day 3!

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