Hit Refresh


Adulting is hard. I get it. It’s the same thing, day in and day out. You go to work to pay the bills. You pay the bills to live. You live to sleep. You sleep to go to work. And if you get that far, great damn job. Congratulations. You’ve done the minimum. Now get ready. Because then Life starts. With a capital ‘L’. The definition of “successful” is going above the minimum. Well, it’s my definition. “Overachiever” is the term I believe they use. To overachieve, we’re told to follow our dreams, love your family and friends, and do more than others think you can do. So now, after you’ve done aaaaall of that, congratulations again, you MAY be going above and beyond. Pursuing success, as they say, by doing what you can for yourself, for your family and for your career.

But no 5 Hour Energy drink, no Starbucks macchiato or Monster energy drink is going to replace the energy you’ll need to constantly keep up with life. Life is complicated and exhausting. It’s exhilarating and disappointing. It’s living and dying. It’s hot and cold. But most of all, Life is full of the little things. I’m writing this post to remind you of one thing. It’s that the little things in Life keep us refreshed. The little things in life remind us that the hardships in our world are worth battling. Don’t worry, I have examples

I get one haircut a month. My whole life, I’ve either gone to the bargain $5.99 haircut shop or just cut it myself. (The bare minimum) but, being the adulting adult I am, I decided it was time for a change. About eight months ago, I thought I would try a real barbershop. Not a chain. Not a Chili’s Bar and Grill. But a real, local, small business that may have talent. And who knows? Maybe I’ll get an experience other than the overworked, underpaid part-time waitress gave me that used to cut my hair. I had no idea…


I walk in. Truly Blessed Barber Shop. Downtown. Midday. Beats playing in the background. A couple barbers ready for a days work. No sign in sheets. No fancy shampoos for sale. Just a couple of barbers, ready and eager to bring the experience back. To give the talent back to the game. Not a huge place. Four or five chairs. A couple TVs. Clean. Sodas to drink. I thought, “Great, a nice haircut. No lines. No distractions. Just a haircut and I’ll be on my way.” A few steps in and Rob welcomes me in and lets me immediately have a seat.

“What are you thinking?” Rob asked.

“I don’t know man. I have to look professional. Maybe a comb over. “

“Alright. No worries.”

And off he went. Rob had perfected his craft. Chatting me up while all the while creating something on my head I’d never really thought could happen. Seriously. Some time later, it was over. After a hot towel, a shave and a little styling, I paid Rob, thanked him for his service and that was it. I walked out of the barbershop. It wasn’t until the drive home that I caught a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror, and it was then that I realized. I’ve been refreshed. I had a deeper inhale. My pulse slowed ever so slightly. My foot was slower to depress the accelerator. I felt like I needed to take my time and cherish this moment. As with all the hustle and bustle of Life, I had forgotten to pay attention. A haircut just gave me a renewed sense of energy. Such a small thing. But it worked. And me… oblivious.

Every once in awhile, I notice them. The small things. The small things that can change your day, if even a little. And this was one of them. A damn haircut. I tried to do some adulting and pay for a real haircut and ended up getting a renewed sense of “let’s do this.” Rob and Chris and the whole crew and Truly Blessed didn’t know. But it’s just what the doctor ordered. Like a cool breeze after a hellish storm. Like the feeling of brand new socks. Or, dare I say, the cold side of the pillow. It’s the small things like these that keep us going. It’s a small pit stop in our journey through daily life. Without them, we would never be human. We might as well be robots. Without emotion or fear. Without hatred or love. It’s these things we need to hold dear to us if we want to pursue our dreams. Because whether you know it or not, the small things add up to big things, and the big things overcome the hard things, and the hard things make us who we are.

So remember to hit the refresh button. Whether it be a haircut, a kiss from our significant other, a perfectly written blog post, hitting every green light on your way to work, or even something as small as falling asleep to the sound of rain outside your window. Rejoice in the fact that you’re alive to even experience it. It’s what makes us human. And then, the hard things don’t seem as hard. The stressful things don’t seem as stressful and success may be that much easier to find.

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